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A Queen podcast of The Magic Kind

"A great podcast for Queen fans. Paul, David and Joe delve into each Queen studio album with enjoyable and insightful chat about each track. Their love of Queen comes across, but they’re not afraid to slag off the odd arrangement, ludicrous lyric or most of The Miracle album."

Insightful and interesting

"This is a podcast featuring three pals talking about music they genuinely love, and finding new insights as they revisit Queen’s back catalogue. It’s the closest thing that you can get to being in the pub with your mates chatting about your favourite albums."

Great stuff!!

"One of my all time favorite bands and quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts! Love the info, the banter and the humor!"


David, Paul and Joe are three passionate Queen fans from Glasgow, Scotland that think this band’s music should be discussed more. We give praise to the the four geniuses that are John, Roger, Brian and Freddie but we also give criticism when it is due. Our honest and objective approach is hopefully the reason that you enjoy listening to these podcasts. You don’t have to agree with us either, we sometimes don’t agree with each other!

Latest podcast episode

Peter Hince Queen Uncovered Interview
6th October 2023

Peter Hince, also known as 'Ratty', joins us to discuss his new photography book, Queen Uncovered. Peter was roadie to Queen, primarily Freddie and John, from 1975 to 1986 and was one of the band's most trusted associates. In this interview, Peter discusses the images contained within the book and expands on their stories.


Latest Blog

Hot Miracle Magic Works: Mining for Gold in 80s Queen
By Rob Maher
28th March 2023

"Queen of the 1970s were leaders and trend setters. Queen of the 80s followed musical trends like sheep. 70s Queen is timeless. 80s Queen is rooted to the spot by holo drums machines and thin synth patches that historians can carbon date to almost the exact week in 1982 in which they were fashionable."

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Here's a Metallic cover version of Staying Power arranged and performed by our very own Joe with his friend Ian on vocals.