All items are available to order and pricing includes delivery worldwide.

Step 1. Pick a logo from options below for a t-shirt or mug. We can tweak designs so if you need something more bespoke, drop us a line at

Step 2. Please pay the for items you want by transfer via Paypal using Goods and Services payment option. Please clearly state your order, including any colour options, in the note section. For t-shirts, please state whether you want a full print on the chest or as a badge on the left breast and whether the back print is required. We will clarify your order before we place it for you.

All items are manufactured when the order is placed and will arrive to you directly from Vistaprint. Items take up to 2 weeks to be delivered. We make very little profit from these items and use any money we make to help pay for podcast operating costs. We are mainly glad to have our logos out there to spread the word!

NOTE: for t-shirts we recommend that you go up a size from your original size as the t-shirts tend to be on the smaller side. Although if you like ’em tight, stick to your normal size! Some of the logos may appear less clear in the images but these are just examples, the finished products are from vector graphics.



Any mug and any t-shirt for £30 delivered

PRICES (with delivery)

£21 (front print only)
£25 (front and back print)

All sizes are S - 3XL

£12 (front and back print)

Please read the information at the top of the page before ordering. Thanks!

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